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We pride ourselves in quality care of your property combined with great customers services. At Houston Best Movers your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Service Areas

Houston Movers is proud to offer our services in the entire Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Local Moves

Sometimes we find ourselves thrown into moving situations that we may have not expected.

Commercial Moves

Moving a business can be one of the most intimidating, and difficult situations to handle.


Is one of your most prized possessions. Not only are they expensive, but they are heavy and painstakingly difficult to assemble and disassemble.


Is something many of our customers opt to do themselves. Houston Movers would love to let you know that this service is available as well..

Weirdly Shaped Furniture

Every home has at least one piece of furniture that you may question how they got it in and how in the world will you remove it?.


Commercial Storage

We can take care to warehouse your things. Let your business to grow up Give it the needed space!